Why Does My Stomach Hurt? The Top 3 Reasons Why Your Stomach Always Hurts

Do you frequently wonder “why does my stomach hurt”? If so then today I’ll provide the top 3 reasons for why your stomach always hurts or why you experience chronic stomach pain and what you can start doing today to begin correcting this condition that requires serious attention.

3 Reasons for Chronic Pain

#1 – Lack of Stomach Acid: That’s right a lack of stomach acid is always the problem, rarely do people produce too much and have problems as a result. With a lack of this acid, stomach ulcers are more frequent, bacteria that would otherwise be destroyed on consumed food is allowed to pass through and infect the body such as H.Pylori. As well a lack of acid frequently leads to a condition known as candida overgrowth which I’ll discuss in a second.

#2 – Improper Chewing/Too much liquid: When you eat too quickly and fail to chew your food well enough you place extra stress on your stomach to do all the added work. It’s even worse if you don’t chew your food (ideally until paste like consistency), you suffer from low stomach acid & you drink liquids with your meals which will only dilute your stomach acid further. The solution to which is to stop doing all of these things. Chew your food to a paste, don’t drink any more than 1 glass of water over the course of 30 min before a meal and 2 hours afterwards.

#3 – Chronic Candida: This is a yeast that thrives inside anyone with low stomach acid, ironically it can cause a great deal of digestive pain which most people mistake for stomach pain. You see your stomach is actually much higher in your chest, odds are you’re feeling pain a little lower in your intestines, this is exactly where candida does all its damage. The list of symptoms it causes is endless, however the most common associated symptom is digestive pain which is caused by the fermentation and growth of the yeast inside your body. If you also experience gas &/or bloating as well then the odds are great that it’s candida causing your problems.

The first step is to learn about candida, fill out a quick questionnaire to see if it’s the cause of your problems and learn the first thing you need to do in order to eliminate it for good!