Why Do This at Home? Disadvantages of Home Hair Removal

Before trying more permanent ways to remove unwanted hair, many people first try several home hair removal (HR) systems, often believing that they can achieve similar, cheaper and equally lasting results to more permanent methods such as those realized at local Denver Laser Hair Removal spas. In the end, however, they generally come to realize that the cost and convenience of laser hair removal is well worth the investment, especially if they have suffered from some of the more annoying side effects of home hair removal methods.

If you are considering a laser HR treatment, reading about some of these complications that can result from home methods should be enough to convince you that laser is the way to go!

Because razors cut the hair off at the surface of the skin, the skin is vulnerable to nicks and cuts from the razor. If the blade is dull it can leave noticeable stubble behind and may even cause redness and red bumpy skin. Hair grows back very quickly, generally within a day so the procedure must be repeated. Ingrown hairs which can become sore and even infected can also result from dull razors or poorly done shaving.

Epilators work by pulling hair out at the roots. HR results last a little longer with this method but most people find the procedure quite painful. Ingrown hairs can also occur with this method, and cost can be high for good quality equipment.

This method of hair removal uses creams or lotions to remove the unwanted hair. One big disadvantage of this method is the mess involved, but even more significant is the chance for skin reaction and irritation, leaving skin red, burning and very uncomfortable.

Obviously the most time-consuming, and probably most painful of all hair removal methods, tweezing is not a great choice for any large areas that require hair removal.

Of all home hair removal methods, waxing provides the longest lasting results and is the most cost-effective. It can get really messy, and individuals with even slightly sensitive skin may suffer from painful irritation. It should be avoided where there are moles, pimples or any other type of skin condition such as a pre-existing rash or sunburn. Sugaring, which is very similar to waxing, can be done on more sensitive skin, but skin reactions are still quite common.

Home electrolysis kits are readily available and do provide a more permanent method of hair removal. The procedure, however, is extremely time-consuming as each hair is removed individually and this is not realistic for large areas of HR. Many users agree that this method is also too painful to use on a consistent basis.

Overall, the one tested and true method of HR that achieves the best results, is the least painful, and has the fewest side effects on the skin, is laser hair removal done by a professional.