Why Do Our Bones Weaken As We Age?

This is a common question to everyone as we get older, because as we age, most people generally feel that their bones are becoming weaker. This typically means our bones have less endurance for various activities such as walking and jogging. Another thing is that when you age, merely standing for a couple of minutes can cause you immediate tiredness. The reason why older people engage in weight-bearing exercises (i.e., strength training, weightlifting) and physical activities is that they want to keep their bones and muscles strong so that they do not have to face the consequences such as osteoporosis and bone fractures.

However, it is believed that strength training is only for the younger people. This is not true. In fact, older people need it more than the young ones because strength training counteracts the decline in bone and muscle strength that the old ones tend to experience.

Bones are similar to your personal belongings and other important materials you use in your everyday lives. Like these things, your bones get weaker as you get older because you have been using them all throughout your life. This is inevitable, since you use your bones every day while you engage in different activities.

Bones shrink in size and density as people get older. Bones just get weaker slowly over time. This is the one thing you cannot avoid. The only thing you can do is to keep exercising and maintaining your bones by drinking products that contain calcium. Just by simply walking regularly for a couple of minutes or even hours would mean you are increasing your endurance to tedious activities.

It is also a given that once you reach the age of thirty, you start to experience natural bone loss, and it will happen gradually as you get older. Also, when the amount of the bone that is lost is more than the amount of bones gained, your bones become weaker. For women, bone loss is more prominent after the menopause stage. This happens quickly and more often, so it is really important that while you are young, you focus on building your bone strength. By keeping your bones as possible, you will be less prone to fractures and other bone diseases. This will ensure you stay as healthy as possible and reduce your visits to health professionals such as physiotherapist and osteopath. However, if things gets worse everyday it is still best to consult those trusted professionals to help you resolve the problem.