Why Do Men Pursue You and Then Turn Cold? Now You Will Know Why This Happens All the Time

One of the most puzzling things that happen on the dating world is when men want to pursue women and then they just end up turning cold anyway! What could be more baffling than this? Did he even want her in the first place? Was he just playing with her emotions?

He woke up with the realization that you’re not for him.

You’re just not his type of woman so rather than waste his time and energy further, this man would choose to ignore you or even totally disappear.

Something turned him off.

He may have pursued you because something in you attracted him. But now he’s turning cold because, as logic would dictate, there’s also something in you that turned him off. Look back to your date nights – were you the type of girl that he could be proud of?

His heart already belongs to someone else.

He may have chased you (and God knows who else) and now he has made his choice. The painful thing here is, his final choice isn’t you. Someone else captivated his heart and so now he has to let go of you.

A shocking lie about you surfaced.

This is why women are advised over and over again that they have to be honest about themselves from the onset. It’s never good to present a fake you because you’d only get hurt eventually.

Commitment scares him as hell.

This guy just isn’t ready to commit to anyone and there are a million different reasons why he’s feeling this way. Whatever his reason is, one thing’s certain – he’s absolutely not ready to give himself to just one woman.

Things between you got so serious suddenly.

And no guy would be comfortable with this idea. What guys prefer, when it comes to relationships – is to just take things slowly. Don’t ever rush him to be bound to you or he’ll want to dash off instead.

He wants to be chased by a woman.

This man made you want him on day one and now that you’re aching to get to know him, he’d do all he can to appear uninterested. And if you can’t control yourself, you would fall victim to his lure – all that this man wants is for you to be the one to chase him. If you’re okay with that, then go ahead. If chasing a man isn’t on your vocabulary, then just wait for him to make the move.