Why Do I Stutter? Why Do You Stutter?

Why Do I Stutter?

1% of the American population has a stuttering problem. If you are part of this 1%, you may be asking yourself ” Why Do I Stutter?”  While this does add up to over 3 million people, what makes me and you different from the other 99%? As a former stutterer myself, I’ve pondered on this question hundreds of times. One day, I got tired of asking myself this and decided to do some research to get some answers.

The truth is, you and I aren’t much different than the rest of the world accept for the fact that over the years, we subconsciously developed a negative breathing habit that is triggered by certain emotional states. You may have wondered to yourself, “Why do I stutter only at certain times?”. Well the reason behind this, is due to the fact that we actually only stutter when we reach certain emotional states. When in these specific emotional states, we switch into these problematic breathing habits that make us unable to properly release our breath as we speak. Not being able to release our breath in the normal fashion while speaking, causes us to stutter.

So what are these emotional states that makes me stutter? Well that really depends on you, quite frankly everyone is different. Many people have developed different anxieties due to their stuttering tendencies that actually trigger their stuttering. A lot of it has to do with feeling tense or nervous.  For example, many people ironically only stutter while talking on the phone.

The cure for stuttering, actually lies learning to identify what triggers your emotional states, and changing your habitual breathing patterns while talking.

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Hey I know this sounds easier said than done. However, it really does not have to be so difficult! I know you have been asking yourself “Why Do I Stutter?” and have become very frustrated trying to find an answer and way to stop it without much luck.

I was able to learn how to stop stuttering, by applying the information that I have just told you.