Why Do I Have Chronic Ulcers? – Three Surprising Causes of Ulcers

Why do I have chronic ulcers? This question is asked by millions of people that are already being treated for ulcers. They take their medication as prescribed and try their best to limit their diets to foods that do not upset their ulcers and yet they still wonder “why do I have chronic ulcers?” It seems that if you are being treated than you should be on your way to a cure. What if you are not being treated for the right cause? Here are the top three causes of ulcers.

Infection– This is the number one cause of ulcers. An infection can be causing your ulcers and if you are not being treated for the infection than you will be wondering “why do I have chronic ulcers?’ Helicobacter pylori can cause an infection in the lining of your stomach. Being treated for the symptoms will not rid your stomach of H Pylori.

Medication– Prescription medication and over the counter medication may cause you to develop ulcers. Drugs that are anti inflammatory can cause your stomach lining to become damaged. Most folks do not experience any problems from taking these types of medicines, but for some folks these medicines simply eat away at their stomach lining leaving them wondering “why do I have chronic ulcers?”

Parasitic Infection– This may be a bit surprising to some folks, but parasitic infection unlike viral or bacterial infection can leave your stomach pocked with ulcers. You will not find true relief until you rid the parasite.

Folks that are left asking themselves why do I have chronic ulcers are typically not being treated for the cause.