Why Do I Feel Dizzy? – 3 Common Causes

Many people often ask why do I feel dizzy. It is a nasty sensation which can have many causes. Of course, alcohol and certain drugs can be a common reason for this condition, but there are other medical reasons which may need to be looked into by a medical professional. Here are 3 of the most common ones.

Feeling faint

Fainting is also known as syncope. It is a feeling of light headedness and you may feel as though you are about to pass out. In serious cases you can actually faint (lose consciousness) for a brief period of time and if this happens, other problems can occur if you hit the ground or fall on something. It often occurs if you stand up too fast. There are multiple reasons for this happening, including problems with blood pressure, anaemia or low blood sugar levels and can be a common cause for why you feel dizzy.


This is when you feel like you are spinning around, even though you are standing still. It makes you feel extremely unsteady and nauseous, you may even vomit. Lying down can help to alleviate the feeling. Vertigo is normally caused by certain types of conditions with the inner ear. The inner ear is responsible for the body’s balance so any upset here can be a cause for dizziness.

Balance problems or non-vertigo non-syncope

This is the medical term when you have balance problems that don’t fall into the 2 above categories. A general unsteadiness can have many causes, such as brain disorders, illnesses or generally becoming more frail

Feeling dizzy is a common reason for people to visit their doctor. It is not a nice condition to suffer from and medical advice is often needed to determine the answer to your question ‘why do I feel dizzy?’