Why Do I Always Have To Poop After Eating?

Many folks out there suffer from the I always have to poop after eating syndrome. Some folks have to go around 60 minutes after eating while some literally have to leave the table mid meal to go and poop. Folks that suffer from this condition find it embarrassing and disruptive and many avoid meals out so that they do not have to deal with the situation. There are three main causes for this condition.

  1. Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS might actually be an over diagnosed condition; largely it is used to describe any bowel condition that can not fit into any other category. Briefly- IBS does not have any proven cause and the symptoms vary. It is thought that IBS is linked to genetics because it does seem that some families have several members that suffer from the always have to poop after eating syndrome.
  2. Nervous Stomach– if you suffer from anxiety you may also have what is termed as a nervous stomach. Basically folks with nervous stomach have a hard time keeping their food down. They may vomit or find themselves running to the bathroom to poop right after a meal.
  3. An Overactive Liver– in some cases it is an overactive liver that will cause you to constantly be running to the bathroom after meals. The liver may be releasing enzymes and bile to quickly and your body feels the need to evacuate food quicker.

If you always have to poop after eating than you should search for the cause and try different approaches to relieve the symptoms, even if you have been doing this your whole life.