Why Do I Always Feel Sick After Eating? – Three Causes of Feeling Sick After Eating

Millions of Americans ask “why do I always feel sick after eating?” There are three main causes of feeling sick after eating. With a little bit of research and some changes you may be able to start feeling much better in a matter of days.

Food Allergies

Some food allergies develop as we grow older. Some times it is not the food that you are allergic to but instead what is put into the food that is giving your body a fit. There is some evidence that points to the fact that overtime a build up of the antibiotics and hormones that are used in processing meat may be causing you to get sick after eating. Start by isolating each food group and cutting it out of your diet to see if it makes a difference in how you feel.

Digestive Yeast Infection

If you are generally healthy, but are asking yourself “why do I always feel sick after eating?” than you may be suffering from Candida Albicans overgrowth. This fungus is found through out the human body, and as long as the body is balanced than you never know it is there. If your body is not balanced through nutrition and exercise you may be dealing with an overgrowth or infection.

Gall Bladder, Ulcers, Liver Disorders

There may be some underlying illness that is causing you to feel sick after meals. Have your self thoroughly checked and screened!

If you are wondering “why do I always feel sick after eating?” no matter what you eat, find the cause and get the treatment that you need!