Why Custom Lasik Is Even Better Today

Many patients do not realize that the eye is really an imperfect optical system. As light rays from distant objects pass through the individual optical components of the eye, they are subjected to distortion by these imperfections which are found in the cornea and the eyes' crystalline lens.

These distortions create what are called "aberrations." 90% of these aberrations create common refractive errors such as farsightedness, astigmatism and nearsightedness which are typically treated by optical devices like contact lenses, laser eye surgery, using PRK, LASIK (or LASEK) or basic eyeglasses. But if these options do not fully correct the problem, then you should get a customized corneal shaping because each of our eyes is unique. So you can not just go to your eye doctor in a snap and say, "I want the surgery this girl in front of me is taking," because it's simply not as easy as that.

Custom Lasik is done in the same way as conventional Lasik surgery. However, the computer in the VISX laser is programmed with digital data from a special Wave Scan Device. Then, a personal treatment or correction is specifically designed for just your eyes.

The other 10% optical aberrations create images that are detected by chromatic aberration diffraction, spherical aberration, coma, curvature of field, trefoils and quadrifoils, which are also known as "higher order aberrations."

To achieve a customized corneal shaping, you will have to undergo wavefront analysis. This requires measurement of the higher optical aberrations using the Aberrometer, and interfacing it with the laser, digitally using a high speed computer to control directing the microscopic focus of a tiny laser beam across the cornea.

Custom LASIK or Custom Lasik surgery also known as wavefront or wavefront-guided LASIK makes use of 3-dimensional measurements on exactly how your eye processes images to guide the laser in re-shaping of the front part area, which is the cornea.

With the wavefront measurement system, some extremely accurate, individualized vision correction results may be achieved that is impossible from the traditional LASIK surgery, eyeglasses or with contact lenses.

Custom LASIK is the next step forward in Lasik technology. Because each person's vision is unique, it is like a one of a kind fingerprint. Through Wave Scan Technology, unique imperfections can be captured in each individual's vision that can not be measured by the current standard methods.

It is important to remember that Custom Wavefront Guided Lasik should not be confused with the Wavefront Optimized Laser Eye Surgery. To have a truly Custom LASIK procedure needs a measurement by the aberrometer, as indicated above, and then the Excimer Laser is directly programmed using the collected measurements. These measurements will act as an ultra-detailed map for the Excimer Laser.

For some less complex eye conditions, Custom Wavefront Optimized LASIK will be sufficient. However, for the more complex eye problems, a true Custom Wavefront Guided Lasik will be the procedure of choice.

According to many research websites, the Custom Lasik's performance is very impressive. Most participants (in a particular study concerned Custom LASIK) were very satisfied with their night vision after the procedure as compared to the night vision they had before even when using top notch glasses or contact lenses.

To make Custom Lasik even more accurate, the so-called Custom Vue Laser now includes Iris Registration. This is just the latest advancement in the industry that allows the laser to account for any eye movements that may occur when laying flat on your back. This kind of innovation makes your tailor-made procedure even better then before.