Why Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Unit By Yourself Can Make You Sick?


Do you know that you can get sick easily when you clean your air conditioning unit by yourself? It is because there are harmful bacteria, mold and fungi growing in your aircon fan coil units. Whenever you or your aircon contractor cleans it with a brush or vacuum, these bacteria will loosen and get into the air. You will breathe them into your lungs, which will make you fall sick easily.

To live healthily, the air that you breathe into your body must be clean. Especially for your bedroom where you will spend the night sleeping in, the air must be clean so that you will not harm your body. Today, we live in a world that is exceeded by airborne sickness and pollution. The last thing you want is that the air in your house is polluted with bacteria. Therefore, it is extremely important for us to look closely into how indoor air quality can be achieved with a properly maintained air conditioning unit.

For an aicron unit, it basically circulates the air within the confines of the room. Air is not changed from the outside. An aicron unit usually usually consists of the fan coil that cools the air, and a blower to push the cool air into the room. Overtime, dirt and dusts will gather on the fan coil and blower.

When dirt builds up, bacteria and fungi will grow. So a person who is sick may enter the room and the virus may get transmitted to the aircon unit. The virus may remain there and extremely get redistributed throughout the room, making others entering the same room prone and exposed to the virus.

Also, these dirt build-ups will also impair the functions and performance of the aircon unit. The dirt acts as an extra layer over the fan coil, preventing it from not cooling the air as efficiently as before. This will cause your unit to work harder and thus increase your electricity bills.

Therefore, it is good that you schedule an aircon wash under such circumstances. You can contact your aircon contractor to do the job for you. Make sure that he uses the right chemicals to clean the fan coils and blowers, not just brushing or vacuuming them. Also, find out whether the chemical that he is using is certified non-toxic and does it have anti fungi and bacterial functions?

As long as your contractor does not just clean your aircon unit with brush and vacuum, you can be sure that the quality of the air in your room is clean and healthy.