Why Change?


Once a year, I get the chance
to wish you birthday Cheer.
Alas! For forty years, I did not wish you
Happy birthday?
Not because I did not want to,
but because we did not know each other,
Who is to be blamed, but ourselves,
Why did not we think about it so far
because it did occur to us so far.
What a pity? what a loss?

Where are the memories of childhood,
growing and playing together in rain or shine.
In a pool of muddy water or in a swimming pool,
We did build together sand castles on a beach
or at least do we remember having dined together
the delicious foods that our mothers prepared?
No, unfortunately we do not have any thing to reminiscence *
What a pity? what a loss?
Who is to be blamed, but ourselves.

We were so near and so close,
yet were so far then,
now we are divided apart, but our minds
are trying to come closer.
What a change? What a transformation?

A change for the better is always a welcome sign,
a sign of maturity, a sign of positivity.
Those who do not change, are like stagnant water,
where bugs and weeds can only thrive.

We have made a beginning, in all earnestness,
to bring in some change,
Change in our outlook, change in our thinking,
change in our family relationship,
in the way we have grown, and the way we intend to bring up our children,
in what we have inherited, and what we intend our children to inherit.

United we stand, divided we fall
a simple thumb rule that many can tell.
a few can practice.
Let us embrace and keep marching to make our world,
our community, our families
a better place to live, and enjoy.

There is a need and an urgent call for a change,
to make sure the world that we leave our children in today
is a bit better than what we inhabit.

Change is a phenomenon, it can not be thrrust upon,
as everyone of us guards the gate of change,
which can only be opened from inside,
none can open it from outside, either by
force or by emotional appeal.
Let us pledge to change the world
one relationship at a time.

At last !!! Kitty bought us together!
Kitty (Hobbes), a philosopher, is no more, but has taught us
a lesson, 'Life is short, Make it sweet'.
We together mourn the loss,
but cherish the gain that Kitty has bought us.

We may agree or disagree on many issues,
we may choose different paths to achieve this,
As long as we long for the same objectives,
we are sure to get there and hope to meet there.

Let the sun shine upon us
everyday and day after day
Let the prudence prevail upon us.
What a change? what a transformation?
We hope to achieve.