Why Are Women Despised and Persecuted by Religions?

Most readers would be familiar with the systems of Catholicism, Judaism, and Muslimism. In all three women are mostly despised or at least, not allowed to serve other than attending chapels, mosques, churches, or synagogues. Even then, there are strict conditions attached wherey they are either bound to the rear, not allowed to speak, or only admitted to worship on certain occasions.

The similarities between the three does not stop there. My research unearthed starling facts about their origins that demonstrate they are all of the same origin, Islam. That fact provokes immediate denial but it is, nonetheless, true.

Following my reincarnation, an event denied by all three religious hierarchies, my search for the facts started from early childhood and has lived a life-time. It took me back to the start of religion in the Zoro Aster one of Babylon. The name means 'morning star' and that is the sun.

In Babylon this celestial body was worshiped in such a way that men transformed it into a woman that they could mate with. The name given to it was 'Mary', which means 'mother's powerful eye'.

The term 'marry' comes from 'mary' and men believed that by dyeing on crosses, a well-known sun sign, they could ride sunbeams to the heavens and 'Mary Mary'. This tradition continued in all three systems spawned of it.

Given time and the reworking of traditions along with the burial and denial of evidence to the contrary the leaders thought they could hide the roots of their beliefs. While they succeed in confusing their followers by tricks and denials the truth remains in plain sight.

The sun was and is called by several names. On of these is 'sin' or 'syn' and that is in 'synogogue', which literally means 'sun god'. The term 'mosque' is derived from 'Mosx' an it means 'mother's circle light cross'. It refers to the crucifixion of god-men while the Catholic faith openly woreships the crucified savior as the 'son-of-god' or, as originally intended, the sun-god.

In the case of the latter Mary is the chief god worshiped and they openly refer to her as the 'star of hope'. 'Star' reflects to the sun. Constantine established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and he put up the image of Jesus Christ as the Son of God and reintroduced Mary as the Mother of God instead of the Mother God.

Everything was done to appease the masses and to ensure the success of the religions. Because women can not marry Mary or serve her they were hidden in places of worship until recent times. Men still consider themselves to be chosen by God to be practices, kings, and other leaders while women are either passed over or ignored so that they remain in favor.

In many societies, especially that of the Muslim branch of Islam women are forced to hide behind veils so the sun does not see them. It's a sad but true reality and the world sufferers because of it.