Why Are My Dogs Vomiting?

You know what it’s like if you are a dog owner, it’s a bit like having a baby and many of you will have experienced a baby  vomiting  all over you just when you have got yourself all dressed up and ready to go out. That’s half the fun isn’t it? If you own a dog you will have probably experienced something similar, except the dog will  vomit  all over your beautiful new rug. They never seem to quite manage to get it on the tiled floor, do they? That would have been far too convenient wouldn’t it? Assuming your dog isn’t throwing up because he has just swallowed the cakes you put aside to eat yourself later, or hasn’t been running around like a mad thing straight after eating his own meal, then obviously you need to know what is causing it. Any dogs  vomiting  for these reasons is to be expected but it’s important to discover that it isn’t anything serious.

So, what are the things to look out for?

The dog may have diarrhea or showing signs of lethargy, he may have lost weight, or showing signs of dehydration and constant wretching. If your dog  vomits  repeatedly and especially if the  vomit  is projectile or you see signs of blood in. He may also show signs of fever so it’s important not to attempt to give the dogs treatment at home and instead you need to get your dog to a vet as soon as possible. Your pet may also be in pain because we all know what it feels like when we need to  vomit , it’s really unpleasant and the vet can treat him, at the same time for any pain or discomfort. When my dogs  vomit  it is usually when they have refused to eat their food for some time, probably because they are fed up and bored with it and they then sometimes throw up what looks like, a whitish yellow frothy foam that is probably caused by excess gastric acid. It seems to occur most when I resist giving into them with food they really love, which is usually mine! So, it ends up as a battle of wills!

The best way to avoid this happening is to try and persuade your dogs to eat twice a day, morning and evening. I know that a lot of dogs gulp their food down very quickly but some, mine included, have been very spoilt and make it quite clear that the food I am offering is unacceptable. I am aware that I have made a rod for my own back but I confess to treating my dogs like kids. So, when they are not feeling too good I try to feed them on cooked chicken with some rice and potatoes because it’s easier to digest. I try to feed them this type of menue frequently because and if I change what they eat too often I then get problems spouting from the other end, namely diarrhea. Plus, I find that this method of cooking for the dogs cheaper than buying canned food and although dried dog food can be cheaper, my dogs were not brought up on it and will not touch it. Have you ever smelled that dried stuff? It smells like manure, so I don’t blame them.

Try these step by step tactics first when your dog starts  vomiting :

· Restrict water and food for about 24 hours but much less time than this if its a small dog.

· If you notice any signs of blood in the  vomit  then get the dog to a vet as soon as possible.

· If after this time there is no more  vomiting , then you can gradually introduce some water, a little at a time.

If there is still no  vomiting  then offer a small meal of chicken, rice and potatoes and follow with their normal food when the  vomiting  has subsided.

However, your dogs  vomiting  may be a sign of something much more serious that needs to be investigated and you need to monitor the frequency, as it could be a sign of a disorder stemming from a disease such as cancer or diabetes etc. Or a viral infection disease, so it’s important to quickly seek the professional expertise of your vet who will be able to diagnose your dogs problems once all the other tactics have failed.

Hopefully a diagnosis will come back as nothing too serious.