Why Am I Hungry All the Time? 4 Potential Causes

There are a multitude of reasons as to the reason for the question ‘why am I hungry all the time?’ Some are lifestyle related, some medical and some natural. If your appetite has suddenly changed, then it may well be necessary for you to seek medical advice. But if it is something which has been the same for as long as you can remember, then it’s probably just the way you are.


Ladies, are you, or could you be pregnant? Your body will require extra calories in order to cope with the 9 month gestation period, and you may well find that this could be the cause of your hunger. It is normal, and as long as you don’t overeat to the extent that you put on a huge amount of extra weight, there is no need for concern.

Children and teenagers

When you are young, the body is still growing and needs a large amount of vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates in order to do this. The teenage years and puberty can have a dramatic effect on a person’s appetite. Again, as long as there is no drastic weight gain, this is completely normal and a common cause to ‘why am I hungry all the time?’

Undiagnosed Diabetes

If this is the reason then this is rather more serious. If the sugar level in your blood is too high, then your body system tries to excrete it. This can make you very thirsty and/or hungry. Your doctor can diagnose diabetes with a simple test.

Thyroid disorders

If you suddenly develop an increased appetite but are not gaining any weight, then it could be a metabolic disorder such as a thyroid problem. Your doctor will need to be consulted.

These are by no means the only reasons, so if you are at all unsure you will need to visit your doctor for advice. He will be able to advise on your question ‘why am I hungry all the time?’