Wholesale Magnetic Bracelet – Spreading the Therapy


You want to try wholesale magnetic bracelets if you’re taking the therapy to a new level. You get a lot of advantages by getting these in bulk. Whether you’re starting a business or simply want to share to effectiveness of magnets to the human body, you can be sure to make the most out of your investment. Learn more about potential sources and choosing quality.

Advantages of Wholesale

When you buy wholesale magnetic bracelets, price is one of the primary privileges you can acquire. Depending on the manufacturer, metal and design, you can have special discounts for every minimum purchase. Some dealers provide discounts for every 100, 250, 500 or 1,000 pieces that you purchase. You may be surprised to see overall cost to drop by as much as 50% without having to add anything more for tax, shipping and customization.

Wholesale bracelets also provide you with several options with regards to the standard model as well as additional customizations you may want. First, you will be given a catalogue or brought into a showroom featuring all available metals and designs. Here you can select the type you wish to buy in bulk. You get to choose the kind of metal like stainless steel, titanium, copper, gold, silver or even hematite. There are standard manufacturer-made designs you can choose from but you are also free to make major or minor adjustments.

Customize More for Less

When buying in wholesale, you pay less for all the customization opportunities you could have when buying an individual magnetic bracelet. Feel free to mix and match materials, add details like gemstones, Swarovski crystals or pearls and also imprints, engravings and patterns. You may also want to add charms and studs for more appeal. You have the freedom to pick every aspect down to the last detail like wrist size, link size, closure or clasp and personalized messages.

Since you’re dealing with magnets, you can also specifically indicate how much gauss you want each wholesale magnetic bracelet to have. Even in large numbers you may assign varying magnetic strengths. You can also indicate how many pieces of magnets you prefer each bracelet to have. The quality is very important to consider ensuring that the products are truly durable and will not tarnish or rust. All items should be resistant to water, heat, dust and moisture.

Ordering Online

If your source comes from a remote state or country, it is important to check the quality and magnetic strength of the final product first before having your order delivered. First, you fill out an order form which includes your name, company name, type of wholesale magnetic bracelet, other bracelet specifications and the quantity. You should ask for a couple of sample pieces to be delivered to you for verification and approval before the manufacturer starts producing in large quantities. It should take no longer than 1 week before the sample arrives. The manufacturer will make the necessary adjustments should you have any more changes.

If you’re selling wholesale magnetic bracelets online, it is recommended that you indicate the reported beneficial effects of magnetic therapy. It is also equally necessary to inform potential buyers that these products are not clinically proven and are primarily sold as fashionable pieces. General information will help improve your credibility to your target market.