Who Is Responsible For Child Obesity?

If obesity is becoming a major concern among youngsters who, indeed, is at fault? Undoubtedly there is a rise in the number of eating establishments offering fast foods full of high calories and high fats. These, for youngsters, taste nice plus are quick and convenient.

The whole culture of young people are using these fast food outlets as a way of not only providing themselves with nutrition, but also a social outlet as they gather both inside and outside these establishments. The rise of leisure time activities such as TV and computer activities is also contributing to some of the problems with reduced fitness and exercise thus adding to the burden of obesity.

But where do the parents fit in all this? Some would say that parents have a duty to ensure that their children have an adequate and healthy food intake which is both nutritious and safe. In fact, in Britain, there is already a case where a child who is grossly obese may be taken in to care by the social services because the authorities believe that the parents are not able to look after him properly. So now the parents are becoming scapegoats for the wave in activities of their children.

With the best will in the world it is not possible for parents to watch over their children 24 hours a day and ensuring that a child is cooped up in the house all the time under adult supervision is, in itself, a good enough reason to be reported to the social services or other authorities. Children must have some sort of free reign, but must also beiable to accept their responsibility for their own health and their own futures.