Who Is At Risk For Heart Disease?

I read a new study the other day and what I found surprised me. My favorite ice cream and sour patch kid candy can increase my risk of heart disease if I eat them in excess. Indulging in a nightly desert or too many bowls or ice cream is not a good thing to for me to do.

The study showed people who eat more sugary treats like desert after diner can increase their risk of heart disease. Including lowering their good cholesterol, HDL, and their protective lipoproteins and raise their triglyceride levels.

The study formed two groups by cholesterol level and sugar intake by surveying 6000 adult’s normal dieting habits. Findings showed that 16 percent of daily calories were from regularly adding sugar to their diets.

Sugar intake was at the largest amount for some at 46 teaspoons, while the lowest amount for others was 3 teaspoons. The high level should not be found in a regular daily diet.

Sugars naturally found in fruits and milk, are not included as a processed or added sugar. Processed or added sugars should be limited to six teaspoons per day by women and nine teaspoons per day by men.

These types of studies show food companies the increased risks of heart disease caused by added sugars. We have already seen taxes added or increased on soft drinks we all consume as a way of helping to decrease our intake and lowering our risk of becoming over weight as well as other health issues it may cause.

Adding a half-cent tax on soft drinks could lower the 50 gallon annual consumption to 40 gallons annually.

Research studies show us that added sugar to our diets can lead to diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. While we do enjoy our sugary treats we should be aware of the risk they add to our health and take caution to limit them.