Who Else Wants Tonsillolith Treatment?

If you see a white or yellowish lump in the rear back of your mouth, you will most likely see a doctor right away. Some doctors will mistakenly think that you have a tonsil inflammation or tonsillitis. This lump is actually not an infection but debris composed of various matters such as mucous, sulfur producing bacteria, and food particles that get lodged in your tonsillar crypts. This is a medical condition called tonsil stone or tonsillolith. There are various Tonsillolith treatments that you can use to get rid of it, but before that it is important to understand first what it is and what causes the problem.

Tonsil stone is a little white ball that can be seen in the tonsils. It may look like tonsillitis but it is not an infection at all. Instead it is caused by anaerobic bacteria, saliva and food thriving in your tonsil crevices. Symptoms include bad breath, itchy or sore throat, frequent coughing to clear the throat, chronic tonsillitis and the sensation that there is a foreign body that is stuck in the back of your throat. Tonsillolith treatment can be done in the comfort of your home. Many people just cough it up by squeezing their throat. This will cause the stone to fall out. You may also use a toothpick, a toothbrush, a moistened cotton swab, or a bobby pin to force it to pop out of place. You can also use a clean syringe and fill it up with warm water and salt to make a solution, then gargle it to break off the stone.

Tonsil stone is not a serious condition; however, it is necessary to remove it immediately using any of the Tonsillolith treatments that you think will work best for you, to prevent it from getting worse.