White Spots on Tonsils – What Are They?

White spots on tonsils can be what are also known as tonsilloliths or tonsil stones. Another term for this condition is cryptic tonsils, as these “stones” take root in tonsil crypts, which are divots or pockets in the tonsils’ surface. So what are these things? This has actually been the subject of very recent research, and only just fairly recently has there been any real concrete facts made widely known about these.

They are actually packets of mucus covered food particles which have become lodged into these divots, and much like how an oyster secretes a substance around a grain of sand to make a pearl, mucus is then secreted around these food particles which then somewhat solidifies around them. It is then that these appear as white spots on tonsils and can become uncomfortable. Unfortunately, until this recent research has revealed the facts, and even presently, these have been often misdiagnosed as something similar which antibiotics are given for as a treatment.

When these fail, it is often misunderstood as a precursor to tonsillitis, and a tonsillectomy is recommended, using surgery to completely remove the tonsils. Even when these are not misdiagnosed, a tonsillectomy is recommended as today’s modern medicine can only remove these once, but cannot seem to prevent their return. As allopathic medicine usually does, it seeks to attack the symptom but not affect the cause.

The matter of these white spots on tonsils and their safe elimination seems to be a simple one, that of smoothing out the surface of the tonsils, making the crypts smaller, and the tonsils more healthier over all. This is most effectively done using naturopathic medicine, herbal remedies and Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the end, it seems to be merely a simple matter of eating certain things which can safely affect this change.

The basic fact however, is that surgery is not necessary, and many people simply opt to have their tonsils removed. This is like squashing a flea with a Mac truck. Your tonsils are actually healthy… it is the tonsil stones that need to be removed. But not only this, your tonsils need to be conditioned. The pores on the surface of your tonsils change with certain eating habits, and when they get too large, this is when food particles can become stuck in them and become tonsil stones, appearing as white spots on tonsils.

The solution is to not so much change your eating habits, but perhaps take on a couple or few other items into your diet. Some foods and drinks have the effect of shrinking down these pores and making your tonsils much smoother. So you see, surgery is unnecessary – the solution can be as simple as something to eat in order to have these fall away and smooth your tonsils. There are many natural herbal remedies that can completely eliminate this problem naturally, without the need of surgery. After all, your tonsils are a large part of your body’s immune defenses, and would be a shameful loss, especially if it’s an unnecessary one.

If you have white spots on tonsils, also known as tonsil stones, tonsilloliths, etc., and you don’t want to undergo any undue surgery, if you’d like to keep your tonsils (as really, they are actually healthy in such a case), it is best to look into such natural herbal remedies to avoid outlandishly expensive surgery – costly for both the body as well as the bank account. White spots on tonsils in the case of tonsilloliths is certainly no reason at all on it’s own for such drastic surgery – don’t you agree?