White Spots on Throat – How to Remove Tonsil Stones

For many people, the discovery of white spots on throat can be cause for great anxiety and concern. However, in many cases, these spots are merely harmless accumulations of sulfur-based bacteria and debris that become lodged in the tonsils, known as tonsil-stones.

These stones typically appear on the back of the mouth, the tongue, or the pockets of the tonsils themselves. They can usually be seen with the naked eye as white, calcareous lumps. Such white spots on throat oftentimes feel like a lump in the throat or an object protruding from the rear of the mouth.

Tonsil-stones can be both irritating and painful, and often result in bad breath, coughing, earaches, difficulty swallowing, and excess phlegm in the throat. More common in adults than children, the stones can be removed with a variety of home remedies. Many people opt to remove the white spots on throat by expressing them with a Q-tip or pulsating jets of water. Gently brushing them away by scraping them gently with a toothbrush has also proven to rid the tongue and back of the mouth from them.

However, in some more serious cases in which the stone is firmly lodged, oversized, or in a difficult place to reach, it can be surgically removed by a doctor. More severe infections of the tonsils, such as tonsillitis, can be treated with a tonsillectomy, a procedure in which the tonsils themselves are removed. If you are concerned about white spots on throat, see your general physician for further diagnosis.