White Spots on Throat – Home Remedies For White Spots & Tonsil Stones

Many people suffer with the problem of white spots on the throat. For the first time they make you really anxious. But becoming panicky would not solve any issues. You must understand how these spots are caused and how can you cure them. Medically speaking, these are a harmless accumulation of the bacteria that is sulfur-based along with some debris. They get accumulated near the tonsils, so they are also known as tonsil stones. These white patches usually occur round the back of your mouth, on the tongue, and also the pockets of your tonsils. They are easily visible with naked eye. They show up like a lump inside the throat. It is more like an object protruding from the rear side of the mouth.

The patients say that they feel irritation of these spots and they are painful as well. The other symptoms that occur with this ailment include cough, bad breath, ear aches, excess of phlegm in the throat, and in difficulty swallowing. While there are some medical treatments for this issue, it is always more advisable to take some natural products for the cure. There are several home remedies that can help you get rid of white spots of the throat.

Some of these are as follows:

* In the initial stages you can just remove them by gently brushing them away.

* If they occur on the tongue, you can try scraping them off using a toothbrush. This technique also helps in removing these spots from the back of your mouth from them.

* Another simple yet very effective tip is to do the gargles with warm salt water.

* You may also choose to gargle with warm water that also comprises of hints of powdered pepper & turmeric.

However, in some cases where the stone has got a bit firmer & over-sized, you must check with the doctor, as you might need to get it removed surgically. This is especially important when the stone is formed in a place that is hard to reach.