White Collar Effect – Now Doctors Cause High Blood Pressure

A recent study has revealed a little known fact, a fact that may sound funny and surprising at the same time. Doctors ’cause blood pressure to rise’! find it strange, but its true. Popularly known as white collar effect, it refers to sudden increase in patients BP due to patients becoming stressed by being in a doctor’s surgery or a hospital.

UK experts said that its better giving cuff to patients for 24 hrs for better monitoring and it clearly shows that external factors do affect BP readings.

High blood pressure is a major cause of heart and kidney stroke and affects 40% of adults in UK.The research also found a difference to be 17 units if nurses took measurement and 29 units if doctors checked it. Doctors certainly cause more stress in patients, study showed.

Professor Graham MacGregor, chairman of the BPA, said that Many people feel slightly anxious when going to see a doctor, which is why we have always encouraged blood pressure measuring at home as well as in the clinic, and promotes the use of home blood pressure monitors and ambulatory testing where indicated.

It was also found that if the patients BP is closer to normal then there is less difference between BP measurements taken by ambulatory monitoring and those taken by a nurse or doctor. The findings are expected to shape new blood pressure monitoring guidelines and doctors say “one size fits all” will no longer be the standard norm.

This is a really interesting fact showing effects of external environment on the patient.