Where Is The Most Sensitive Part Of The Body?

Your body is a spectacular thing. Your ability to feel pain is very important. This is for you to be able to prevent danger and discomfort courtesy of this crucial sense. Take note that all your body parts will feel pain as the same as anyone who has stubbed his toe can tell you.

Technically, the most sensitive part of your body is the tips of your fingers. The very main reason is that; in these are where can be found the widest variety of nerve endings which are most densely clustered.

What is the mechanism of pain? You have to understand that while it seems like you feel pain in your body parts; the pain is actually felt in the somatic sensory cortex of your brain. Keep in mind that when the pain receptors in your body receive the signal that is unusual or something is wrong, the neurons will carry the message up to your brain. This is where the pain is definitely felt. The neurons from each of your body part will communicate with different own specific section of your brain.

What is the most sensitive part of your body? The body parts that most sensitive to pain aside from fingers your lips, your face, hands and fingers, feet and toes and your tongue.

Do you know then what the least sensitive part of your body is? If you still don’t know, let me tell you that it is the back! If you want to test it out, have a friend of yours to place one, two or three fingers on the palm of your hand. And without even looking, you should try to guess how many fingers that are pressing into your hand. It must be easy to guess it correctly, right? Now, let her or him place fingers against the middle of your back. Now try to guess how many fingers he’s using to your back. You will recognize it is much more difficult. This is because your back has only a small section of what so called somatic sensory cortex that is dedicated to its sensations.

It is so cliché to then to hear some sayings that “Health is wealth”. But no matter how cliché it is, it is nothing but true! You have to know that good health is not only acquired through eating the right amount of food, exercising, getting ample hours of sleep. Even the tips of your fingers must properly be taken care of since it has vital functions and are significant parts of your body!