Where Does Clear Western Red Cedar Come From and Its Uses

The majority of red cedar is grown in the pacific northwest in the United States. Much is also grown in the western parts of Canada and also in parts of Alaska. All cedar growth compromises about 20% of all of the forests. The wood comes from very large trees. The wood is harvested from trees that can reach 200 ft. tall. Many have been measured to be 300 ft. tall. The trees have also been measured to be an average of 13 ft. in diameter. Many trees have been known to live over a thousand years.

Red cedar is a beautiful wood to use in making furniture. When harvested the wood has a soft red-brown color, with tight straight grains in the wood. Most have very few knots in the wood. It is valued for its distinct appearance and its distinct aroma.

Red cedar has a natural resistance to decay, which makes it great for outdoor use. Mold will also not grow on it. Insects will shy away from it because of the natural chemicals in it.

None of the trees go to waste when they are harvested. The bark of the trees are used for rope, baskets, clothing, and other soft goods. There are many other uses for clear western red cedar.

A lot of people use red cedar in their yards to help beautify their property and increase the value of their homes. Some of the items you can build in your yards are patio decking, siding, planters, trellis's, arbors, gazebos, and even edging around your flower or vegetable gardens.

Clear western red cedar is a very practical and good looking wood to work with. It is easy to work with because it is a very light weight wood, and it cuts clean and easily. It is a natural and durable wood product. When building or buying your project it resists cracking, warping, and pulling loose from your nails or screws.

Some other things that have been known to be beneficial from the cedar trees are the oils derived from the trees. Some oils have been used to make antiseptics. Oils have been used to make medications to heal minor cuts. It promotes fast healing and prevents germs. It has also been known to help with anxiety problems. Some medications made with the oils help with asthma, broncitis, and head colds. There are many vitamins on the market that include these oils. Many people use these oils to prevent different pests from entering their homes or flower and vegetable gardens. These oils are used highly in the manufacturing of candles and air fresheners. There is a huge market for this simple tree that can be used in numerous ways.