When to Plant Rose Bushes

If you want your roses to do well and last for many years knowing when to plant rose bushes will give them a good head start. Proper care is definitely essential but you need to know when it is the best time to plant rose bushes. The very first months of a rose plants life are very crucial. With a bit of knowledge you will give those roses a good start in that direction.

The rose bushes are usually sold when it is still dormant in the late winter just before springtime. When you first you get your roses; they will usually be wrapped in moss and bareroot, and you will need to keep the root mass moist until you have planted the rose. The rose should be planted in the latest part of the winter, just before spring, so that when spring comes, new shoots will start to come out. The best months for planting roses are March to April.

Plant the rose in a place where it will get at least six hours of sunlight everyday. The soil should also have good drainage and they love acidic soils (5.8 – 6.3 pH). If your soil does not meet the pH requirements, you can always ask the people at the local nursery on how to increase the acidity of your soil. You can also use acidifying agents like lime and pine needles.

If you have several rose bushes to plant, they should be about 5 feet apart. This is necessary so that the air can circulate freely and to help ensure that the bushes won’t catch any disease. If you plant the bushes closely, they will only get crowded and stunted. Different kinds of roses have different space requirements so be sure to ask at the local nursery.

Before planting the roses, the garden bed should be free from any plant debris and weeds. The roses will thrive if the garden area is clean. To encourage new growth, you can help by pruning the rose bushes; the best time to prune is just after the dormancy and just before the growing season.

To prepare the rose, you will need to soak it in water for one day. Dig a hole that measures 2 square feet and in the center, build a mound. This is where you will spread the rose’s roots over. If you live in a cold region, the roots should be buried about 2 inches deeper to protect it from the winter season. To prevent rotting, clear the surroundings of the rose canes of mulch.

After transplanting, you need to maintain dirt around the base cane of the rose so that it can retain some water. In the first week, water the roses daily. After that, you can water it every 3 days depending on the weather. The mound can be removed once new shoots start to appear. The appearance of new growth is great news because it means the rose is growing and adjusting to its new habitat.

Again, just to touch on when to plant rose bushes; it is done just before springtime or right after the thaw of the winter. This will ensure a good awakening from dormancy into spring.