When to Be Concerned About Dog Vomiting

Dog  vomiting : it happens! Most dogs  vomit  regularly for a number of reasons that are no reason for immediate concern or alarm. Here are some instances where you do not need to race off to your veterinarian because of your dog  vomiting :

Overeating: if your dog tends to wolf down his food, then feed him smaller and more frequent meals to try and eliminate any recurrences of dog  vomiting 

Eating Grass: Dogs frequently eat grass to induce  vomiting  themselves. This can be due to a number of reasons, though most often it is because some foreign object has been consumed

Inappropriate food: If your pet has eaten or been fed a new or inappropriate food item, he may very well  vomit . Try to reduce any feeding of table scraps and do not change your dog’s regular food too often

Dog  vomiting  may occur due to dog diseases, dog food allergies, if a pet has a foreign object lodged in the back of his throat, if they have a birth defect that causes dog  vomiting , or they may have a poorly conditioned esophageal muscle.

When is it Serious?

Though dog  vomiting  is often nothing serious, there are some instances when it is a sign of a very serious problem. If your dog is  vomiting  more than once a day, then your pet is at risk for dehydration. A good rule of thumb is that if your dog happens to  vomit  three times or more in a day, then that calls for an appointment with your vet to be made.

If you notice any blood in the  vomit  or any other odd colors, then that is also a clear sign that your dog needs to go and see the veterinarian.

How can I Prevent Dog  Vomiting ?

If you happen to have a “chronic vomiter”, that is a dog who  vomits  more than once a week, then it’s time to look at what may be causing your dog to  vomit . As mentioned earlier, if your dog tends to gulp down his meals, then it may be a good time to star t breaking down his meals into smaller portions. Always provide a lot of water for your pet.

Should your dog seem to  vomit  after he eats grass, try to limit the amount of grass he is able to consume and talk to you vet about any other issues that may be causing your pet to be trying to induce  vomiting .