When Needing A Change – How To Accomplish Your Goals

At best, the ego can only fade away, and as it does it strives to buy more time. It does so by looking for ways to divide and separate even further.

Many of us certainly strive at how to accomplish goals, and if you’re like successful others falling short of your goals wouldn’t be an option you like to consider. I’m sure there is probably a list of things you are setting out to accomplish, but something seems to be holding you back.

Let’s look closer at the ego-based mind for what it really is, which is nothing but a bundle of errors, split and fragmented into unrecognizable and uncountable parts. The ego thinks it has a unified goal, just as the gifts of the Holy Spirit do. The ego can never reconcile with your Teacher’s goal.

Living the dreams your heart desires

Consider when you say to yourself, such as needing career change or a career choice, where you may be on a wrong path and just can’t figure out how to accomplish goals, the dreams your heart desires. The prospect of having to make a change leaves you feeling incomplete, not to mention the stress and anxiety that go with it.

Ultimately we will all achieve this, along with the rest of humanity, which is why I suggest we enjoy the ride and relax.

The Holy Spirit is constantly showing you how to accomplish goals by uniting and healing, which is the process of shifting to One-Mindedness by way of the right-mind.


Is it your perception, or is it your own knowledge of the incompleteness of how to accomplish goals, and the misery that convinces you that needing change must be sought after?

It may have started out when you perceived not-so-good feelings about your choice, until finally, after consistent efforts in your chosen career, you just came to know you much seek change, to something you will enjoy.

A Course in Miracles sheds light on this type of situation by stating, “To think you can oppose God’s Will is a real delusion.”

To “en-joy” is to live in accordance not only with God’s Will, but also your true desire, or free will.

Letting go of your fears

Remember, the ego is not evil; but it is erroneous due to its lack of a knowledge it can never attain. Evil is only a projection of your fears

The laws of the universe are a gift, in that the more and more we operate from truth, the more we are able to see through the dream of projected images and how to accomplish goals.

The ego will not concern itself with God’s Will unless it’s to threaten you with it. How many times in our lives, especially growing up, were we told to do things we really didn’t want to do because it was said to be God’s Will?

Why do we have fears? Due to the guilt we place on ourselves for believing that time and space are real, when deep down within and behind it all, we know the truth.

To living a life of your dreams