When My kid Got a Black Eye

My poor little son had a black eye the other day. I have no idea how he did it, normally he would come to me if he hurt himself and usually have some tears as he is only three years old. However, this time I just noticed a scratch and bruise under his eye and he said he didn’t know how he did it. It was really swollen so I popped a gel pack on it for a few minutes as I had it in the fridge and I thought that the coolness might reduce the swelling. He wasn’t too happy at having it there for long though as it meant that he had to stand still when he wanted to run about and play, I was trying to think of something that I could put on it so that the swelling would go down or it would heal a bit while he was running round.

I knew that Colpac would be the best but I was not sure how I could possibly use it because all I had at home was a knee wrap which would hardly do! In the end I took him to the pharmacist and they told me that it was not too serious and it wouldn’t matter if I did nothing as there was no danger of the swelling being too damaging. I guess I over reacted and I tend to with the health of my children. I think that it is really important that they stay well and healthy and that I do everything that I can to look after them because they do not know when they need to see a doctor as they have no idea how serious their medical condition is and what consequences there might be if it isn’t treated. I suppose these are things that you learn – if one child has chicken pox then you know how to treat it when the other child gets it and so you do not worry so much and do not bother to consult the doctor.

They are the experts anyway, it can be dangerous to self diagnose and decide whether your condition is serious or not, if you feel unwell and you do not know why or what is wrong with you then you should seek help. Some people worry about visiting the doctor too much but I say better safe than sorry and I think there is nothing wrong with loving and protecting my children.