When Does Fad Dieting Become an Eating Disorder

Do people who frequently go on fad diets have an eating disorder? To have a diagnosable eating disorder you have to have certain characteristics. As of yet there is no diagnosis for repetitive fad dieters, but it is it definitely is disordered eating pattern.

There are many similarities in fad dieting and eating disorders. Fad dieters do not like their body and have an unhealthy relationship with food. Many fad dieters have low self esteem and are depressed. Fad dieters restrict their caloric intake to extremes. Fad dieters may try one weight loss scheme after another. Some fad dieters use diet pills, diuretics and laxatives. For some fad dieters the only reason for exercise is to improve their appearance. Fad dieters may have episodes of binge eating.

Not all people who try fad diets fit the description above. In both fad dieters and eating disordered individuals there is dissatisfaction with one’s body, and an unhealthy relationship with food. Food should be enjoyed and fuel our systems to function. For instance, we should not be afraid to enjoy a sugary treat.

Some women begin to worry about their bodies in there teens. The media bombards us with super thin models that are happy. Normal weight and overweight teens strive for an unattainable goal and sometimes use dangerous methods. When their weight goals are not met it affects their self esteem. There is precise moment that a teen develops an eating disorder. Some things to look for are talking about how fat they are constantly, peculiar eating or not eating, and depression

Some men worry about their weight because of health issues less than appearance. Overweight teenage boys may suffer the same kind of feelings that the girls do. Men can also develop and eating disorder.

Fad diets why are they bad is because they can lead to an eating disorder. If a person is continuously trying strange fat diets and do not really lose weight that can lead to depression. If the body is not getting the nutrients it needs it can lead to depression.

Severe dieters may have deficiencies in their Vitamin B’s, Vitamin C, folic acid and Tryptophan just to name a few. These deficiencies have been linked with depression. Side effects from extreme dieing include irritability, feelings of depression, fatigue, dehydration, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and electrolyte imbalance. These symptoms can lead to more serious symptoms like a stroke or a hear attack.

Teens should be monitored for these symptoms of strange eating patterns and depression. Mothers should model healthy eating habits and do not talk negatively of their body. If a teen develops an eating disorder it can follow them through life.

To help beat depression and side effects of fad dieting, first start with well balanced meals and healthy snacks.
Snacks are important they keep you from getting to hungry and overeating. Eating well may be all that you need for your depression cure.

Avoid fad dieting. Fad dieting why are they bad is because they do not deliver what they promise. They do not teach you how to eat healthy. Eating healthy means eating a variety of foods form all the food groups.

If you need to lose weight reduce your calorie count and start exercising. Exercising is a big mood booster and it will kick off your weight loss plan. Most women can lose weight on 1500 calories and men can lose it at 1800 calories. If your depression does not lift after a few weeks go see your doctor.

Try to love your body and treat it well, it is the only one you got. If you need help with a diet plan go to a Dietician. There is information everywhere, just know what is unhealthy and what to avoid.

If you cannot stop restricting your meals or using diet pills, laxatives or diuretics, you should see your doctor. Eating disorders are addictive and you may need professional help.