When an Aries Man Is Mad – Tips to Calm Him Down and Get Him to Forgive You


When an Aries man is mad everyone around him typically knows they need to duck for emotional cover. Men born under this sign are as honest as they come. When they’ve become upset they have no reservations about sharing what they feel and it tends to be directed at the person who pushed them to feel that way. If you’re a woman dating a man like this and you’ve done something to light his fuse, you know that it can become hurtful very quickly. What Aries men lack in diplomacy, they more than make up for in passion. When a man like this loves you, it’s completely. Right now though you’ve got to face his temper and find a way to defuse it so you can get him to feel close to you again.

Trying to apologize when an Aries man is mad can seem like an exercise in futility. If he’s past the point of listening to reason and has reached the point where he feels the need to rant, you’re best off to allow that to happen and to remain as calm as you can. Men born at this time of year need to be able to let off the steam that builds when they feel wronged. If you take offense at this and start trying to argue your point, it will probably lead to even more conflict and you’ll end up with a broken heart and bruised ego. That’s why you need to listen to him share what he feels and then once he is done you can begin the process of making amends to him.

Start by separating yourself from him for a time. You need him to have a chance to think about things and to cool down. This probably can’t happen if you’re continually trying to get him to forgive you. As much as you want to put this episode behind you, for him your constant pleadings are just a reminder of why he was upset in the first place. That’s why it’s crucial that you back off for a few days at the least.

Once you feel enough time has passed, make your sincere apology then. Explain that you’re sorry for what happened and try to do it in a direct and compassionate way. You’ll feel inclined to promise him that you won’t do it again and that’s fine but you will need to follow through with that by showing him that you’ve changed.

Although it can take a little time for an Aries man to forgive you when he’s mad, it will happen. Just give him the space he needs and allow your actions to show him how regretful you are. Remember that allowing him the chance to vent and calm down are the keys to putting the mistake behind you and moving forward.