What's Your Paralysis?

What's keeping you powerless?

Anything causing you to lose your ability to move or act as you'd like?

What's holding you back from being the best you know you can be?

Whatever is holding you back, I challenge you to join me as I set aside 1-hour a day to make my biggest setback (my partial paralysis) to be my newest strength!

For over six-months I've been treated for partial paralysis of both hands to my mid-forearms, and both feet to my mid-calves. As a life-journal or, writer and author, it is absolutely horrible for me not to be able to write with a pen and paper on my own. I can not control my fingers as they aimlessly wander on the keyboard for nearly a year as well.

Life just stinks with this disability! So, I thought …

Then, I found out during the same six-months a girl-friend's husband had his toe amputated from his calloused arteries and poor dialysis as a result of his kidney failure. In less than 10-days he had four surgeries resulting in the amputation of his foot and finally his leg to his mid-thigh. And, to top it off, after 14.5 years of being on a waiting list for a kidney transplant, his newly diagnosed problems forced him to get off every waiting list!

So, as I fight my partial paralysis with anticipated recovery; right next door things are a million times worse! My family and I have been with them every day, visiting and doing anything we can possibly do; even if prayers are all we can offer.

So, that's it!

No matter how much my fingers ache, or do not feel the keys punched as I type;

No matter how tired and fatigued I am with my various drugs;

No matter what …

I'm going to write type or simply dictate my thoughts for 30 minutes a day. The other 30-minutes I will do my physical therapy exercises / yoga stretches to regain mobility and strength (something my doctors always yell at me for not doing regularly).

As any other mother, I let my girls and life take its toll. My only "free time" is in the waiting room for my next doctor's appointment.

So, how do we find an extra hour for ourselves, you ask?

The easiest place to find it is before the kids wake up or right after they go to sleep … NO matter how warm and cozy your bed may feel.

Can not get a full hour all at once?

Then, break it down into manageable pieces as I do (such as three 20-minute blocks or four 15-minute blocks). You'd be surprised how much more you can accomplish by setting the 15-minute timer on during a homework assignment or 20-minutes when you're waiting for your rice to cook!

Lack of time, money and focus are some of the biggest problems moms are faced with. With three girls under six-years of age, I can relate.

Lack of energy, motivation, and new or recurring loyal clientele for work at home moms' tops the list of problems as well.

Whether you're over-exhausted, over-spent, over-tired, over-budget, under motivated, out of focus, frustrated, overwhelmed, over-anxious, of just plain over-done; the only way to work on your "paralysis" is to work on You one day at a time.

Will you join me?

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