What's the Truth Behind Nutritious Cat Food?

Have you noticed there are now hundreds of 'experts' on virtually everything these days? That's mostly thanks to the internet, which really is a wonderful resource of amazing information.

Sadly, it's also an amazing place for misinformation.

Take nutritious cat food. Depending on how much commission the author is likely to receive will depend on how much they promote a particular brand.

Do you think that's a bit cynical?

Well, you need to be today, more than ever before.

In today's world, the dollar is king, with truth and health coming in a very poor second and third place. I do not count myself as an expert. I feel my 'expertise' lies in working out the truth about health, regardless of any income I may receive from publishing this.

So how can you be sure I really am interested in the truth?

Nature has been around for quite a long time! Over millions of years, animals have evolved and fine tuned their diet and their behaviour to their current highly efficient selves.

Commercial cat food, on the other hand, has only been about for a maximum of 100 years, and more intensely for about 40 years.

Humans may well have had an impact on the look of domestic cats, but look how well domestic cats fair when they go feral. As long as they have all their physical attributes in tack (claws, teeth, etc), they can adjust just fine to finding their own food.

Which means that humans have had little real effect on them, as far as their diet and health goes.

Add that fact to the lack of laws governing the quality of pet food in most countries, and you can soon see that commercial cat food is likely to be as far removed from the nutritious cat food wild cats eat, as it can be.

Many people are told that domestic cats have longer and healthier lives than wild cats do. This is difficult to prove as few wild cats ages are known. But what most natural veterinarians do know for a fact is that as soon as cats are put on a nutritious cat food which closely resembles a wild cats diet, health problems melt away. From allergies to leukemia, from kidney problems to infertility.

So I ask myself who is trying to convince you how much healthier domestic cats are? Could it be those people who want to profit by selling you inferior cat food or questionable medication to address the ill health as a result of the bad diet?

It seems almost too simple, to address the cause to cure the problem.

I remember reading of a medical student who became so ill she was confined to her bed. She had ulcers down her throat. She had no energy. She went from doctor to doctor, who prescribed antibiotics to antidepressants and everything in between. None of it helped, and much of it harmed. Her point was that not one of them had asked what had changed in her life at the time her illness started.

Finally she worked it out for herself. She had changed from good home cooking to hot dogs on the run. She stopped the hot dogs and her illness disappeared.

Diet is immensely important. Do not underestimate its effect on you or your cat. When you go looking for a nutritious cat food, check everything out that you can. Compare the food to a wild cats diet. If the food is canned, ask yourself, does a wild cat eat canned food?

If the packet of food has a long shelf life, how can this be possible? Are the preservatives used safe for cats, despite a lack of laws? Do wild cats eat preservatives?

If man disappeared tomorrow, cats would revert to a healthy wild life, eating freshly caught raw meat and bones. That's the most nutritious cat food. How can you better it?