What You Should Know – The Main Causes of Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is an infection caused by the Hepatitis A virus or abbreviated as HAV that can cause liver inflammation. Hepatitis A is common in the United States but there are other infections of such and Hepatitis A is only one of the three known hepatitis viruses in the United States; there is also Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

Far from the common complications of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, Hepatitis A does not complicit to any known chronic condition in the body if the infected person. Hepatitis A causes inflammation and swelling of the liver but it is reversible and does not cause any long-term condition.

Hepatitis A does not have any recurrence in the person who got infected, since the body develops a lifelong immunity of the virus and easily wastes off another attempted infection. But however hepatitis A is more likely to cause outbreaks and epidemics because of its means of transmission.

Hepatitis A can be transmitted through contact with contaminated feces of the infected. This is commonly known as fecal-oral transmission. This transmission can manifest in many ways such as drinking in a contaminated water fountain, eating from food that has been contaminated with the virus, and eating raw seafood where water has been contaminated by the sewage.

The spread of the virus is more rapid on countries with poor sanitation and even to people with poor personal hygiene. Although in highly sanitized countries, infection of this virus can also occur most commonly on daycare centers, prisons, and mental institutions where sanitation is poor and the spread of the virus is most evident.

People who carry the HBV can start infecting other people in as early as a week after their initial infection of the virus. People who are at risk are the general public who practices unsafe sex with partners with HAV, people who travel to developing countries, men have sex with the same sex, people who come in contact with HAV infected patients at work

Among the three hepatitis known and hepatitis causes, Hepatitis A is far the most number of outbreaks and has the easiest way of transmission, but the good news is, a person can gain immunity against the infection and can not get infected again with hepatitis A and it has no chronic condition or irreversible damage to the infected person's body unlike the other hepatitis known.

It should always be considered that any sexually transmitted disease, such as the Hepatitis A, needs immediate treatment so that complications will not worsen. A good private clinic which specializes in the treatment for these types of diseases could help an STD victim considerably. Once you think you are infected with the Hepatitis virus, do not waste time! Immediately head to the nearest private clinic in order to save yourself from the worse things to happen.

Hepatitis A – This article will give you a full view of the instances or factors that mainly triggers the hepatitis A virus.