What You Should Know About Sinus Headache Symptoms


Do you have a sinus headache? Are you having symptoms of sinus headache? A sinus headache can really be painful and serious, especially if it has already begun to affect your work and your personal life. What is worse is if you do not even know what kind of headache you have. If you know the symptoms of a headache caused by sinusitis, you can help yourself a lot in looking for the treatment that will suit you best.

Many people are now experiencing symptoms of sinus headaches, and you will just hear them say, "I have sinus." These symptoms can be anything from runny nose, pain around the eyes and nose, watery eyes, nasal congestion, fever, sore throat, chills and fatigue. The problem will be aggravated if allergies or even migraine headaches already affect the person.

If the person is experiencing a fever then they are times that it may be accompanied by chills and green or yellow kind of discharge coming from the nose. Other symptoms are the pain over the eyes, beneath the eyes and can even extend to the upper teeth. The pain that will be felt is constant and throbbing and will be aggravated once the person bends over. If the discharge coming from the nose is colored, the sinusitis infection could be bacterial, but if it is not, then it is fungal.

Another sinus headache symptom is stuffy ears. If you have traveled by airplane with a congested sinus, then you probably would have felt that severe pain in your ears. This is because once you have a sinus headache; the ears are one of the affected areas, when you have sinusitis. There will also be some swelling of the face, when you try to move your head quickly; you will certainly feel that throbbing paid caused by the sinus.

Sinusitis is the lining inflammation of the sinuses which is often caused by the allergic reaction. Some of the causes of this allergic reaction are the pollens like ragweed, grass, even dust mites and pet dander. There are times that the sinusitis can also be caused by impaired immune system, colds, and even abnormalities of the sinuses or the nose.

Treating a sinus headache can be done in two ways. The first one is to treat the very root of the sinus. It is best to go to your doctor to determine if you need to be prescribed with an antibiotic. He may also advise you to take as much probiotics as possible. As 70% of our immune system inhabits the digestive track, drinking probiotics will give a lot of help. Probiotics provide your system with lots of good bacteria that you really need to help boost the immune system and help kill the bad bacteria. You may also be suffering from headache symptoms because of your immune system deficiency. Eating foods that are too sweet may also weaken the immune system.

The other way of treating the headache symptoms caused by sinusitis is to ask for advice from your doctor. He can suggest the right type of painkillers that will help ease your sinus headache symptoms, like antihistamines.