What You Can Do If Your Child is Overweight

Weight problems and obesity in children have been on the rise for many years now, and it is estimated that 80% of overweight kids will go on to be overweight adults. By allowing your kids to remain overweight, you could be lining them up for an adult life fraught with health problems such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes and coronary heart disease.

If you do not take action now with your child's weight problems, you will be sending a message to them that it is OK to be overweight and unhealthy.

Set Realistic Goals

If your child has initially been putting on weight, then your first goal should be to alter their diet and lifestyle to just stop more weight being put on.

Once their weight has discharged out and they have become accredited to more sensible eating and exercise, you can take it a step further and set a goal of achievable weight loss.

Do not Let Them Go It Alone

The best way you can motivate your child to become healthy is if the whole family joins in. To single out the one fat kid and put them on a different diet than the rest of your family would harm their self esteem, and this would make them prone to secret snacking on comfort food.

Remember, as a parent you are your child's biggest role model, set a good example by deciding to eat healthier and exercise more yourself.

Healthier Eating

It is important that your child still gets all the nutrients they need, as well as being able to lose weight. They should be getting 3 well balanced meals each day, with plenty of fresh vegetables that will help them feel full without piling on the pounds.

Always try to read the nutrition labels of the food you are giving your family to check the calorie and fat content, and avoid those that are too high in either. Encouraging your child to drink plenty of water will help too, as this will also help them feel full and they can avoid the sugary fizzy drinks that only add to the calorie intake.

Get Them Exercising

One way to get your child to start exercising is to encourage them to take up an active sport, perhaps after school. Make sure it is something your child enjoys doing. Another option could be to get your child to cycle or walk to school, instead of taking them by car.