What Works When Treating Childhood Anxiety – Common Mistakes to Avoid


Is anxiety robbing your child of their childhood? Studies are showing that one in ten children are suffering from some level of anxiety. That means that ten percent of children are not living the life they deserve. Ten percent of children are experiencing the same fears and self-doubts that we normally associate with overwrought adults. Ten percent of children that are more prone to experimenting with drugs and alcohol because of a simple little mix-up in their mental outlook.

If left untreated anxiety can grow in your child and leave them paralleled with self-doubt and fear. Anxiety creates neural pathways in the brain that are reinforced daily and can become harder and harder to change. In children, an exotic behavior can be retrained much simpler than in an adult. When was the last time you learned a new trick? I'll bet your child learned more than you can count just in the last year!

If you're like most parents you've thought about the different methods to treat anxiety, and maybe you've even tried a few. Therapy can be expensive, and for the most part it's useless in the fight against anxiety. Drugs can lessen some of the symptoms, but at what cost? With medications you are simply covering up the problem and most likely creating new ones in the process. Some may even have tried new age treatments like hypnosis; hypnosis is unproven and could result in modifications to your child's behavior that you did not want or expect.

To treat child anxiety you need to go to the source. The "mental mistakes" in the neural pathways that can be retrained at home using a few simple, yet vital, steps at home.