What to Know About High Frequency Hearing Loss?

High frequency hearing loss is common in the modern world though people suffering from this impairment may not be able to know it. This problem affects any person irrespective of age and gender.

People with this problem can hear vowels very well though hearing consonant sounds of letters like f, S, t, and Z, also, hearing high octaves such as child's or woman's voice or the sound of a chirping bird is not easy. This problem is mainly associated with the adult population and it is mainly related to sensorineural hearing loss.

There are several causes of this problem that you need to know of so as to avoid becoming a victim. This is because some of the causes of this disease can be avoided. When you are exposed to loud music more often, then you risk having this problem. Air bag deployment is also a major cause of this problem and this can even cause deafness. Diabetes caused by neuropathy is also another cause of this hearing loss and that it is also generic in that it can be inherited from family members. As you age, you are prone to this problem because cochlea hair cells die off as one gets older. Acoustic neuroma especially the vestibular schwannoma is also another cause of this impairment. Infections like flu, cold and meningitis also cause hearing loss and otitis media also known as inflammation of middle ear is also another cause of this problem.

In the modern world, the use of cellphone is common, this is also said to be another great cause of this problem. A recent study revealed that consistence use of cellphone for over 60 minutes on daily basis can cause this problem, it is therefore relevant that you adjust the way you use your mobile phone so as to avoid being a victim of hearing loss.

It is also good that you know some of the symptoms of high frequency hearing loss so as to determine if you have this problem or not. When you are unable to hear the above stated consonants and high pitched sounds, then you may be victim of this impairment. Tinnitus, experiencing difficulty when talking in groups or when you can t hears background noise, then you need to undergo ear checkup.