What to Expect from a Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Program

Before you begin a male hormone replacement therapy program, most men ask themselves if they have male menopause symptoms. Symptoms of male menopause, also known as andropause, include decreased mental quickness, decreased energy and strength, less desire for activity, decreased muscle, increased body fat, night sweats or trouble sleeping, mild to moderate depression and irritability and decreased sex drive.

If you have one or more of these symptoms, hormone replacement therapy can make you feel like yourself again.

What does a Comprehensive Male Hormone Replacement Program Include?
The basic male hormone replacement program includes testosterone and thyroid supplements. HGH (human growth hormone) may also be used as an optional component to treatment. Please keep in mind that HGH can be expensive, but will provide a noticeable boost to supplement the testosterone treatment program.

How long does will it take for me to feel better?
Most men notice a change in their energy levels and feel better within the first three weeks of treatment.

Week 1:
– You will notice a change in your mental quickness and clarity.

Week 2:
– You can expect your energy levels and endurance to increase. One book on the subject referred to the change in energy as, “getting your MoJo back.” If you have been experiencing mood swings and night sweats prior to treatment, you can expect these symptoms to go away within the first week.

Week 3:
– Your sex drive should increase.  You should experience an increase in morning erections and possibly night dreams and day time fantasies. Exercise will start to become easier and result will begin to show.

The Following Months:
Over the next couple of months, you should start to feel like yourself again. You will be energized and see improvements in your mood and sense of well-being. You will have an improved quality of sleep as well as improved libido and sexual performance. With proper diet and exercise, you will see an increase in lean body mass and an increase in muscle strength.

Other benefits of hormone replacement include increased bone density and an improved cardiovascular system. Osteoporosis is an increasing problem in men and testosterone therapy has been shown to increase bone mineral density.

Are You Ready to Start a Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Program?
If male hormone replacement therapy sounds like it could benefit you, you can search online for a male hormone replacement therapy program. An andropause treatment specialist will be able to answer your questions and help you identify a physician near you. Lab testing will be arranged near where you live.   Once those results are available an appointment will be made with a male hormone treatment doctor.

If you are a candidate for male hormone replacement therapy, your doctor will discuss your treatment options, which include oral tablets or capsules, injections or topical creams. Your doctor will follow-up with you on a regular basis to monitor hormone levels and further optimize treatment.

Hormone replacement treatment has benefited the overall-being of many men. It has been demonstrated to have positive effects on mood, energy levels, sex drive and it is safe. Testosterone treatment has been linked to positive effects on fatigue, mood and sexual function and overall feelings of wellness while reducing depression and irritability. With their testosterone levels back to a normal, healthy level, men have reported an increase in lean body mass as well as increased skeletal muscle protein synthesis and muscular strength. Under a male hormone replacement therapy program, you can expect to see an improvement in your physical and emotional well being within the first month of treatment.