What to Eat As Natural Remedies for Indigestion


Indigestion is said to be a health condition when an individual is unable to digest all or some certain types of food. This may be due to various factors such as wrong eating habits and lifestyle causes or by other digestive issues.

Some of the most common causes of indigestion are

  • Drinking alcohol
  • Too much carbonated beverages
  • Certain medicine such as aspirin or antibiotics
  • Eating too much chocolate
  • Too much eating at one go
  • Eating fast and without chewing
  • Eating when emotionally down
  • Ulcers and smoking
  • Spicy, greasy and fat rich foods
  • Gastritis (Stomach inflammation)

People take up normal medicines when they suffer from the issues of indigestion but many are unaware if these could cause some side-effects. Taking some great food types as natural remedies for indigestion could help without the rise of blemishes.

Some good foods as natural remedies for indigestion

Simply taking up the below mentioned food types based natural remedies for indigestion could help your indigestion related issues to stay at large.

  1. Bananas- Bananas are universally accepted food type to bring about a quick relief to indigestion as it does not upset the stomach. That’s the reason athletes take up bananas as energy booster for not upsetting the stomach. Bananas have pectin, that firm the bowel movements.
  2. Papaya- Papaya is another tummy soothing food and encourage digestion, help it and also help in constipation as it contains papain that breaks down proteins and soothe the stomach and indigestion.
  3. Rice- Rice is a blemish-free food option that’s bland and absorbs fluids and add bulk to the stool. There is absolutely no side-effect of eating rice, yes the quantity of absorption may have some effect on the body.
  4. Yoghurt- Yoghurt has active cultures that’s good for the overall functioning of all body functions. It soothes stomach with its good bacteria function. Simply eat yoghurt or curd with rice and indigestion shall be a thing of the past. Make sure you select yoghurt that has only active culture that may increase ‘good’ bacteria.
  5. Ginger and garlic- Ginger and Garlic are other natural remedies for indigestion based great food type that must be sucked in moderate quantity directly and be taken mixed with foods and ease the indigestion’s effects naturally

These are some of the magical natural remedies one can rely on to get relief from indigestion. Stick to these remedies kick off indigestion minus any blemishes. All the best!