What To Eat And How To Diet Properly


We all need to be conscious about weight gain. Conscious in such a way that we know up to what point gaining weight is healthy. If we do no longer feel healthy, we should start adding more effort to dieting.

We can attribute weight gain to several different factors. Not having enough sleep most of the time can result into weight gain. Our bodies recuperate when we are sleep. If we lack sleep, our bodies get stressed, our metabolism gets mixed up, and we have a tendency to store food efficiently.

Other than lack of sleep, stress in general can make us gain more weight. Our bodies can easily go into survival mode. Survival mode means our bodies try to grab every opportunity to store food. When this happens, more of the food we eat is turned into fuel. Obviously, the next stage is gain gain.

Certan medicines and substances can also add up to our weight gain. They alter bodily functions and can change metabolism drastically. Medical conditions may also cause weight gain. Hypothyroidism and menopause are examples of these medical conditions.

Healthy dieting can definitely help in losing those pounds. Proper dieting eating the right types of food. We need to control our food level intake. Some foods can suppress appetite while some help in metabolism. There are some even that we least expected.

Eggs surprisingly are good at helping us lose weight. Contrary to popular belief that it can contribute to weight gain, it can even help us feel full. When we are full, we eat less. Beans also contribute to weight loss. Beans have cholecystokinin which lowers down our appetite.

Green tea is catechins that speed up metabolism and fat burning making green tea another candidate for weight loss foods. Other great weight loss foods are oatmeal, lean meat, complex carbs like tubers, olive oil and fruits.

When talking about fuel intake, we want to know our goal as to how many calories to lose weight. This entails some computation, so better log on to any website that offers a calorie calculator.

I would also recommend you start doing some exercises. A professional trainer may be of some help as well. There is a lot of information on the Internet that may be of help to you. Subject matter experts have their own blogs where you can find a lot of information on various topics of your choice.