What to Do When You Have a Panic Attack

Panic attacks can be an extremely frightening experience. The rapid heart beat, nausea, dizziness, shaking, and other symptoms are scary and can often make a person feel like they are having a heart attack, however that is not the case. Although many of the symptoms of the two may be similar, they are not identical. There are subtle differences between having a heart attack and a panic attack, usually the intensity. This article will guide you to a better way of living and dealing with your panic attacks, eventually putting them behind you for good.

Remaining calm and collected is one of the most important things to remember when you feel like you might be on the verge of having an attack. When you remain calm, you can think clearly and know what to do. Some people find it very helpful to imagine a scene or situation that is relaxing to them so they can calm themselves down before their symptoms worsen.

If you begin to look at when you are having your panic or anxiety attacks, you can find the answer as to what can be done to stop them. Once we identify the reason we can work on the solution. You can even carry a little notepad around with you to describe how you are feeling when you start to get anxious in a certain situation or environment. This will let you know what exactly gets you feeling a certain way. One of the most common reasons that a person has a panic attack is they are too stressed from their busy schedule and get overwhelmed, in which case you need to start taking it a little easier.