What To Ask And Not Ask Your Angels

When you open a conversation with your Angels, how do you know what's OK to ask Them? What are they willing to tell you-and what will they Reply to tell? Follow these guidelines to make sure you get the answer you need.

First, get clear on what it is you really need to know. Many people find that writing their question down helps them clarify what's really involved in the situation they face. To do it right, record your questions-and Their answers-in a journal used exclusively for your conversations with your Angels. You're likely to find that each conversation builds upon the last, providing even greater insight into your situation as time passes.

In formulating your question, try to avoid asking Yes-or-No questions, as they leave little room for your Angels to open your mind to new ideas, suggest alternative approaches or draw your attention to factors you might not beicing.

Instead, ask to be shown the Likely Results of a particular action, or the understanding Needed to deal with a situation effectively. Ask to be shown someone's True Character or Real Intent. Or where your true Joy lies or what is blocking it. Ask to be reminded of your Soul's mission, your purpose in this life. Especially ask for suggestions-the Timely Action, Right Path, Right Partner or Fulfilling Livelihood-that will help you accomplish that purpose, for this is where your Angels know you'll find your greatest happiness.

Do not, however, ask Them to make your choices for you, for it's your life, not Theirs. You are the Choicemaker in your life. They will never violate your Free Will. They know that you (like every other soul on the planet) came to this Theater of life to make choices and see how those choices work out. The only one who will ever judge whether those choices were "good" or "bad" is You.

Your Angels are at your side to assist you in creating the experiences that you-your soul-came to Earth to have. They're eager to help you remember who you really are, to help you develop your Inner Sight and access your own Intuitive Knowing. They want you to reclaim all your powers. So ask, and know that you will receive what you need.

For the clearest and most satisfying readings, use a spread. A good Oracle Card set will provide an array of spreads carefully designed to help you get answers about every aspect of the situation you face. The cards you actually draw for, say, the First Date Background Check spread or Soul Mate spread might be the same, but because of the specific meaning given to the order of each card as it's drawn, its message for you would be absolutely different. To get the Right Answer, ask the Right Question and use the Right Spread.

Like all good oracles, the WomanSpirit Oracles can help you access your Angels to get help with the mundane decisions of life-what to do about him or whether to move there , or enroll in that . More, they can reveal another's true Character before your heart gets attached. They can help you discern the True Intent of your co-worker's words or your baby-sitter's behaviors. They can lead you to the Right Career and free you from unnecessary "shoulds" and "have-tos" that limit your life and suffocate your soul. They'll offer new perspectives, open up new options, and suggest new solutions to old, painful problems.

Your Angels are also eager to help you develop (or, to put it more accurately, restore) your own psychic skills. Intuitive Knowing is your birthright, but it is, for most, a "muscle" that has atrophied from disuse. Use your journal with the cards to "test" your own sensings. Let your Angels show you where you're accurate and where you're not. They'll be guided to help you rebuild your true Feminine Power.

Your Angels are your devoted friends, ready to lead you to Joy and away from Pain. All you need do is open a channel of communication so they can give you the information you need. Why miss out on Their loving Guidance? Do it today.