What They Didn’t Tell You in School Biology About the Spleen – Emperor of Organs


Recently we have all become victims of industrialisation. Everything about the way we are born, the way we live and the way we die has become mechanical. The food we eat is mechanically grown or manufactured in a lab. Pesticides and chemicals are everywhere, in our foods, in our air, in our body. They affect every organ which causes a breakdown in our digestive system, the liver cannot cope with the toxicity, the kidneys go into overload, and the spleen gives up because it can’t maintain the quality of the red blood cells any more.

Everything backs up in the colon and we have a pretty horrific scenario. Unfortunately, when the symptoms of this appear on the outside of the body deterioration is so far advanced that we are already into drastic measures.

So much of our “dis-ease” stems from our emotions or taking on our ancestral patterns. Our conception and birth highlight the wound we have incarnated to deal with.

First of all we need to look at the colon. Different parts of the colon reflect different organs in the body. If doctors knew this they would never cut out these vital parts. The problem is that they have no idea there is an alternative. Keeping our colon clean is so important so that our organs can stay healthy. Stage 1 of the healing process is therefore to take Natural Balance and Natural Cleanse.

The Spleen

The next stage is to heal the main digestive organs of the body. The primary organ for the whole digestive system is the Spleen, which governs the thyroid and determines metabolic function.

The Spleen is so much more than anyone can ever imagine. It is the Spleen that allows us to live as spiritual beings in a physical body. Because we all have weak spleens we have lost that understanding and try to live only in the physical. But here is the dilemma: without our spirituality we are lost; we feel abandoned and therefore we reject the spiritual. So many people now are on a spiritual quest, looking for what they know is there, but have no idea where to start. My suggestion is that we all start with healing the Spleen.

The more I work with the Spleen the more I see what a gift it is to our humanity. In a metaphorical sense it is as if each of us has been handed a precious gift to keep us safe while we are incarnated in a physical body. We forget that we have this gift and it loses its efficiency because we don’t take care of it.

Western doctors don’t really know what it is for. But the Spleen is what keeps us healthy in our body, it helps to eliminate all the germs, viruses, moulds, parasites and other contaminants we breathe in. It keeps us grounded, focused and in the present moment. It is about awareness and bonding and nurturing. It nourishes us.

It’s been abandoned and abused for so long that in our generation we almost all have weak spleens. There is the one remedy I have come across in my search to heal the Spleen: an ancient herbal remedy called Maestro. Even thinking about this product makes my heart sing, my consciousness soar, my feet feel the ground beneath me and my spirit reach up to connect with the Universe. Maestro embodies all of these things. It is the most beautiful herbal remedy on the planet and it is being offered to us at a time when humanity most needs it, when the planet most needs it and when our fragile future most needs it.

Doctors of Oriental Medicine will recommend a diet that supports the Spleen which is also good, but it will still take a long time. Acupuncture is also good. But Maestro helps us change our ways. It brings us into our bodies and helps us to listen to ourselves.

We stop eating what is not good for us and start to feed ourselves nourishing food. We start to love our body and nurture it. When we do that we can stop taking care of ourselves and start to take care of the planet instead. We can fulfil our purpose on this planet because we are not afraid of the consequences of being ourselves. Our Spleen will take care of us.

I hope this makes some sense to you. We have this amazing organ that can change our lives. It makes sense to me of all the work that I do at those deep levels; why we are afraid, why we hold on, why we feel abandoned and unsupported. I think when we get to understand our Spleen we know that God is with us. (Not that I’m religious, but it is a good word, God, the Divine, the Universe) We have not been abandoned and we are being taken care of.

Birth Trauma

In Chinese medicine the Spleen is the primary organ of digestion. The spleen helps us to adapt to our environment so it is a key organ from a very early age helping the foetus and newborn adapt to very new surroundings. If there is trauma around conception and birth the Spleen is compromised. It is the organ of nourishment and nurturing and ideally the first contact a baby has with its mother is to attach to her breast. If a baby is allowed to follow its own self-attachment process then true nourishment can take place for both the mother and the baby.

In most cases this is not allowed to happen as the baby is taken away from the mother to be washed and weighed and eventually placed on the breast by an outsider. The self-attachment process supplies the set of skills where a baby knows its needs are met – adaptation, nourishment, and support. These are the key functions of the Spleen. If our needs are not met on any level we develop cravings and addiction; these are also signs of a weak Spleen.

Mental Health

A strong digestive system derives nourishment from good food to support our body’s needs. The first step towards a strong digestion is strengthening and supporting the Spleen. A strong Spleen allows us to have clearer mental and thinking processes and in turn our thinking processes affect our digestive system.

A strong Spleen is also able to tolerate the levels of toxicity we encounter in our daily lives, and eliminate them. Numerous viruses, moulds, bacteria, and parasites which find their way into our organs, including the brain, because of weak spleens would simply be passed through if the Spleen was functioning optimally. Chinese medicine includes the pancreas with the spleen and considers that diabetes is the yin manifestation of schizophrenia. Whilst we feel that we can live with the highs and lows of diabetes, living with schizophrenia and the more aggressive highs and lows is less tolerable.

Emotional Health

Our Spleen suffers at an emotional level too and if there is little joy and happiness in our life this is likely to be an indication of a weak spleen. On an emotional level we must have our needs met, and adaptation, nourishment and support can be seen as being kinder to ourselves and supporting our needs for deeper levels of fulfilment. Also a Spleen likes to live in a grounded body as it is the Earth element in Oriental medicine. It is a very spiritual organ and without connectedness to Mother Earth it cannot find its spiritual expression.

The Ancient Herbal Remedies

I have included the above three “conditions” because many people consider them only on an emotional level or treat them medically with drugs or use alternatives such as vitamins and minerals, aromatherapy etc. They all have a very real physiology and are noticeably improved with the use of our herbs.

All the herbs balance and support each other and it is important to have a knowledgeable practitioner guiding you. Often these disorders are accompanied by chronic constipation which has severe depressing effect on the Spleen so a thorough understanding of the background and history of each person is essential so that individual doses can be prescribed. Maestro and Natural Restore support the body; Natural Balance and Natural Cleanse, clean out the body.

Natural Balance is the cleansing program. It loosens impacted faecal matter and helps to clear and tonify the colon. It also cleans out inherited metal from mother’s dental work and current metals from the cells as well as all sorts of unwanted organisms that are living in the impacted faecal matter. By cleansing the digestive organs, Natural Balance helps improve blood quality, as evidenced by live blood microscopy analysis.

Natural Cleanse kills off residues of “old” toxins including viruses, parasites, moulds, fungi, candida, yeasts. It has a broad spectrum application against parasites rather than simply working on a few. There are over a thousand different parasites and it is sometimes impossible to diagnose which particular one is the invader. With Natural Cleanse we don’t need to know and there are probably many varieties present at one time.

Maestro enhances the work of both Natural Balance and Natural Cleanse. Maestro is in the superherb category, (they all are but this is my personal favourite.) It strengthens all the digestive organs particularly the Spleen – the main organ of digestion – and squeezes toxic matter out of them. It brings up a lot of old issues that people think have cleared but may have simply moved out of the organ that was troubling them into another. So they think their liver problem has gone, but it has just quietly moved.

For instance, a person may start using Maestro and find their asthma returns after a 40 year absence – they need large doses of Natural Balance and Natural Cleanse to push it through and completely out of the body. People with chronic fatigue need Maestro because the Spleen is always implicated in CF. This is also the key organ for anyone who has nourishment issues or eating disorders, thyroid problems, ADD, or ADHD, metabolism etc. It is very beneficial for balancing hormones.

Natural Restore (available in UK during early 2007) repairs and rebuilds the system. We take it as a thick, delicious liquid which can be mixed with hot water and made into a revitalising, alkaline drink. It boosts the immune system and balances blood sugar levels. It contains honey, molasses and bee pollen amongst other key support herbs and appropriately nourishes the spleen.

Often those with nourishment issues on an emotional level find Natural Restore hard to take. They react against food which provides total “nourishment” because the body feels it does not deserve or does not allow itself to receive it. When we allow ourselves to “let go” (Natural Balance), we can then allow ourselves to “receive” (Natural Restore). (Chinese medicine – Metal Element – about how we value ourselves.)


The entire herbal program is organic and made of the freshest herbs available. These herbs have been formulated in such a way that they benefit all body types. The Chinese categorize body types into Hot, Cold, Warm, and Damp. Hot and Warm people need cooling food and Cold people need warming food. Damp people need drying food. The manner in which this is achieved in the herbal preparations is to combine the herbs that help one body type with the antidote so that another body type will not suffer toxic effects. In this way the herbs suit everyone.

There is no-one who will not benefit from taking these herbs. We need to restore the health which we are intended to have and let go of the belief that we can tolerate ill-health. We do not need to go through this process alone. We are here to help you find your way.