What Smoking Does to You – Good Reasons to Quit Today

When you stop to consider what smoking does to you, you should find some very good reasons to quit smoking today.

Due to the fact that cigarettes are a cocktail of chemicals, they are the most health-damaging of all nicotine and tobacco products because of the way the smoke (with over 3,000 different chemicals) delivers toxins into the body.

Smoking not only causes cancers of the respiratory system, it also multiplies the risk of cervical cancer by 4 times, doubles the risk of breast and stomach cancers and is considered to be responsible for 40% of bladder and kidney cancers.

With wrinkled skin and yellowed teeth, many smokers look a lot older than their age; it is also the major preventable cause of macular degeneration, an irreversible condition which causes blurred central vision in older people.

The Effect Of Smoking:

  • Smoking causes some 50 diseases, 20 of which are fatal. When you smoke, you have a two to three times higher risk of having a heart attack as it increases your blood pressure as well as the tendency for the development of blood clots, both precursors of heart disease and possible heart attacks or stroke.
  • Smoking effects include fatal diseases such as pneumonia, emphysema, pleurisy and lung cancer.
  • Smoking has shown to be an indicator in the development of dementia and other cognitive illnesses.
  • Smoking is hard on the heart, but the fact is, tobacco use plays a role in a multitude of diseases that ultimately lead to disability and/or death.
  • Heart attack and stroke UK studies show that smokers in their 30s and 40s are five times more likely to have a heart attack than non-smokers.
  • Research published in the American Journal of Public Health shows that smokers over the age of 40 have a much faster rate of memory loss than non-smokers.

The Effect Of Smoking On Women

Women of childbearing age who smoke face higher rates of infertility and greater risks for complications during pregnancy. Women who quit smoking as late as the first trimester may diminish some of these risks, but the risk of certain congenital malformations – such as cleft palate – is increased even in women who quit early in pregnancy.

Smokers have a fourfold risk of having a low birth-weight baby; such babies are more likely than normal-weight babies to have impaired physical, emotional, and intellectual development.

The health profession now view smoking as the most preventable cause of death in the modern world.

Research shows that one of the most important elements in successfully stopping smoking is planning ahead and that hypnosis for smoking is more effective in helping smokers quit, out of all the new methods including Nicotine Replacement, Group Therapy, and Acupuncture amongst many others.