What Skills Do You Need to Work in an Airport?


So you’re interested in joining the aviation industry? First thing to remember is the industry is so vast there’s almost certainly a role which fits your skills set and given the right guidance, you’ll be able to find the right vacancy for you. If you want to read a little bit about the sort of vacancies in the industry, try having a look at some other articles online – there are plenty.

In general the airline industry requires the same caliber of employee as any other industry. For example a hard-working, diligent and conscientious character is an absolute requirement. Furthermore an ambitious and proactive employee is very desirable, whatever industry you might look in to.

With specific regard for the aviation industry, some things will certainly make your application much more desirable.

The industry is an international one. While the most spoken international language (amongst airlines) is English, there are certainly occasions that a confident grasp of a foreign language could work in your favor. This it the case across the board, not just in the obvious positions like pilot, desk attendant or cabin crew.

The primary role of a number of airport employees is to make the experience for customers as comfortable and safe as possible. Previous experience in first aid and customer services might help you to stand out when applying for positions such as flight attendant, given the nature of the role and the roles and responsibilities of the job.

With so many different jobs available, there isn’t an obvious level of qualifications necessary to have a good chance getting a job in the aviation industry. Of course (as with any job application) the better your academic performance in relevant subjects the better your chances of impressing the employer. At degree level, there are a number of degrees which will help your application but any degree which is gained at a good standard will be very beneficial.

A character which reacts well to pressure and time-constraints is likely to do well in the industry: it is often fast paced, dynamic and exciting. There are of course ‘behind the scenes’ roles which are relatively less time-critical. For example a call-centre attendant will be under time-constraints less often than a flight attendant or flight manager.

I have some experience in the aviation industry, hence this article. I hope it has gone some way to guiding you towards the right career for you and giving you an idea what it might involve and require of you.