What Should You Include in a Surfer's First Aid Kit?

Packing for a surf trip is no easy task. Prepping and packing your boards so they will be protected from the evil airline baggage noids, selecting the choice ding repair kit, and figuring out where to cram your less important items like clothes are just a few of the tasks you have to complete before you set out on your way. But there's one item that can not be sloppily thought out nor forgotten: the first aid kit. After all, if you're hurt or sick, you're not surfing, and that defeats the purpose of a "surf trip". It's better to have essential first aid items close at hand, so you can spend your time in the water as opposed to land-locked on the beach.

Being uncomfortable is one of the worse ways to feel while travelling, and more times than not you'll encounter traveler's diarrhea (Bali Belly, Montezuma's Revenge, to name a few). We included anti-diarrhea tablets in the kit to help with this all too common problem that seems to repeat itself trip after trip, especially in third world countries where the water is not filtered. To help counteract the dehydration that goes along with this inconvenient problem, include electrolyte tablets and a high energy electrolyte drink mix, add 16 ounces of water and it makes an electrolyte drink to rehydrate you. This is effective for pre and post surf to make sure your hydrated when you paddle out and replenished after your session.

With surfing reefs comes the occasional cut or laceration on bacteria-infested reefs. These cuts can cause some pretty nasty infections if not attended to properly. Povidone iodine is an excellent wound cleaner that has anti-bacterial properties to make sure the wound does not get infected (tropical waters are warmer and carry higher levels of bacteria than cooler water, which can cause infections to occur very rapidly, even on the smallest of wounds). This is very effective on reef cuts and is the exact reason why we chose it for our kit. A great complement to keeping wounds clean is liquid bandage. This product puts a hardened seal over the cut to keep out debris and infection; a must have for a surfers first aid kit. While a liquid bandage can heal a wound when you're not in the water, it's good to air wounds out and apply a healing agent so they mend quicker. We use a colloidal silver first aid homeopathic gel, which heals wounds three times faster than a triple antibiotic ointment and is completely natural, made with the safe and effective active ingredient, metallic silver.

To sum it all up, surf trips bring on the unexpected, no matter where you venture. Prepare yourself with a first aid kit geared towards surfers, such as our surfers first aid kit. Also included in the kit is a manual on how to treat many water-related injuries. Our manual covers common problems surfers may encounter and is doctor reviewed and approved. Happy and safe travels.