What Questions You Must Ask In A Laser Hair Reduction Clinic


The cosmetic industry has made various advances so providing solutions for every type of skin or hair problem. Having unwanted body hair is a very critical issue and is quite prominent in present times. This has led to the increasing demand of Intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal or laser hair removal treatments. Although, this burgeoned demand is not surprising as the traditional methods like hair removal through electrolysis and waxing is quite painful and expensive procedure.

The laser based hair reduction treatments leads to the permanent removal of unwanted body and facial hair. Although, this may take a number of treatments but the whole procedure is very comfortable as compared to the traditional ones.

If you are thinking of giving a visit to a laser clinic, you must consult the professionals and ask certain questions like:

Am I a qualified person for under laser hair reduction treatment?

Sometimes, it happens that the person's skin is not suitable for this treatment or he / she may suffer from some allergies. In such cases, it is essential that you have undergone complete skin examination for any type of skin reaction.

How many lasers are there in their concessions which are owned by them?

The more the number of lasers with a laser clinic, there are better chances of them using safe, effective and modern technique suiting your hair and skin color type. Make sure that they personally own the machines as rented ones are not much suitable.

What type of lasers are used by your clinic and what will be the best suitable for my skin?

There are different kinds of lasers which can be used in this laser treatment. Doctors at any medical clinic must be able to articulate which type of laser is best suitable for a particular type of skin. Different kinds of lasers used here are alexandrite lasers, diode lasers, ND: YAG lasers and many others. Intense pulsed light machines are also effective in removing hair but it is only effective on light skin.

How many laser hair removal treatments do they have performed?

Although, there is no certification for a clinic for this treatment, but you can get an idea about the efficiency through the number of treatments that they have performed in their clinics.

How many sessions will I have to sit?

Normally, every individual has to give four to six sentences in one treatment. This is because, laser treatment works only during the growth phase of hair.

Sometimes, it has also been observed that some people show results just after one or two treatments and then doctors believe in offering you package deals for the laser treatment.

Can a tanned skin be treated?

This is important to ask because it has been observed that after hair reduction, your tanned skin becomes highly visible. So make sure that your tan skin is easily treated with this kind of treatment.