What Parts Of The Body Can Be Dislocated?

The skeletal system is one of the most important systems in the body. Without bones, your body will not have any structure. You will not appear as a human being if you do not have a framework. Your vital organs such as your heart, lungs and brain will not be protected if you do not have your ribs and skull. More importantly, you will not be able to move if you do not have your bones.

However, bones alone will not guarantee movement. Joints are necessary in order to for movement to be possible. You should be very careful with your joints though. There are many parts of your body which can be dislocated. This may happen because of overusing these parts. In some cases, such problem happens because of trauma or sudden impact. Below are some of the most common areas in your body which can suffer from dislocation.

Shoulders – According to studies, most patients who suffer from joint dislocations are patients who have dislocated shoulders. The reason for this is probably because the shoulders are frequently used. When you are walking, your shoulder joints move when your hands swing back and forth. You also use these joints when you are holding things. The upper body makes various movements so this part of the body often experiences dislocations.

Knees – Many athletes suffer from knee dislocation because their lower bodies are most at work. This is especially true for people who are running on marathons or playing sports such as basketball, tennis and volleyball. Other activities such as jumping and sprinting can also injure your knees. Experts advise that before you do any physical activity, you should undergo proper warm-up first.

Elbows – Conditions such as nursemaid’s elbow and tennis elbow are brought about by joint problems and dislocations. This is very true for people who play racquet games excessively such as badminton and tennis. It may also happen to children if their elbows are suddenly pulled hard by adults. Certain accidents such as car accidents and falls may also result to the dislocation of this part of the body.

Fingers – Finger dislocations are not very common but they are possible to happen. The most common cause is excessive use of the fingers and the joints thereof. For instance, people who love typing may experience this problem especially if they do their work non-stop. In whatever you are doing, it is best if you rest certain parts of your body in order to avoid aggravating any pain and joint problems.

The recovery period for joint dislocations usually depends on the part that has been affected. In many cases, injuries on major joints such as knees and shoulders may take longer time to recover than the dislocations on the fingers. Proper care and assistance are very important for every person who has this condition. As soon as you notice swelling and bruising, as well extreme pain, you should immediately have yourself treated by a professional. This way, the injury will worsen and the recovery will be faster.