What Natural Fruits Are Bad to Eat If Diabetic?

Generally a diabetic person has to control his desire to eat whatever fruit he likes. Some fruits are sugar rich and highly harmful to diabetic. Some fruits are less harmful and they act upon the body at a later stage where as other fruits which are naturally sweet act immediately and increases blood sugar level which must be avoided. Mango, oranges grape, papaya, banana and jackfruit are some fruits which are forbidden to a diabetic. Banana, grape, and mango are to be totally avoided since they are fast in increasing the blood sugar level.

A person can definitely survive without eating these fruits whether he is a diabetic or not. For poor people especially those who are affected with diabetic, fruits are luxury and hence they have little chance of getting problems by the fruits. The desire and urge to eat the fruit which are labeled as ‘NOT FOR DIABETIC ‘will be more for a diabetic in comparison to a ordinary person who is not a diabetic. In normal circumstances any fruit is good for the human being since they contain much needed vitamins and they are very important food for aged persons who cannot eat solid food. But once the diabetes steps in, fruits have to go out.

The highly medicinal fruit, Apple is recommended by some Doctors and that too they advise to eat in lesser quantity so that the impact on the body is meager. But one cannot ignore the fact that most of the fruits are harmful to a diabetic in someway or other. Some diabetic affected people those who boldly eat without bothering about the consequences, the fruits which are prohibited for diabetic. But they must take appropriate medicinal remedial measures immediately after eating the fruits to avoid the impact on the blood sugar. It is always better to avoid the sugar rich fruits than to eat them and then take medication. It is always said, Prevention is better than cure.